JLOCC Hosts 4th Annual Bubbles & Ballots

On October 24, 2016, JLOCC partnered with The League of Women Voters, Orange Coast Chapter, to hold the 4th Annual Bubbles & Ballots event. Many Junior Leagues throughout the country hold this event to provide information to members and the public about initiatives, propositions, candidates, and other information on the ballot for the upcoming election.

JLOCC’s Bubbles and Ballots tries to find some stillness amongst the chaos. We helped attendees feel grounded with a non-partisan focus on local and state-wide initiatives, as well as JLOCC-supported legislation, for an informative look at November’s ballot. This year’s event was one of our most successful events bringing in a significant portion of our membership, along with their friends and family.

JLOCC is a leader in the community with its public affairs work that integrates advocacy, legislation, and membership in coalitions on community issue-based campaigns.  This work makes change that helps build a better community in Orange County. JLOCC has a Public Affairs Council which is led by the Orange County California State Public Affairs Committee (CalSPAC) delegates. CalSPAC includes 2 delegates from each member League and represents 17 California Junior  Leagues comprised of over 10,000 women who volunteer over 140,000 hours to 111 community projects, and give over $1 million dollars annually to their communities. Founded in 1971, CALSPAC is a recognized advocacy voice that takes action on state and national issues that affect our projects, focus issues, and communities sponsoring and supporting legislation.

The Public Affairs Council (PAC), advocates on behalf of JLOCC projects and educates League members about important issues that impact our projects, programs and the community at large. PAC works on building and strengthening relationships with Orange County city and county public officials, educating them and the Orange County community about emerging issues facing local nonprofits. Specific information can be found on the CalSPAC, Human Trafficking, Legislative Efforts, and Advocacy tabs. If you would like more information, please contact us at publicaffairs@jlocc.org.

Check out our website at http://www.jlocc.org for more information about the next Bubbles & Ballots event.

Categories: Public Affairs

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