JLOCC: What’s in it for you?

By Carissa Beatty

Many of us joined Junior League for the opportunities to volunteer and make a positive impact on our community. A fun side effect is that over time, we often benefit too. Some of us longtime members have met our closest friends, gained professional contacts, and even new careers (!) along the way.

Whether you’re a brand-new Provisional member or have been around for a while, here are a few quick tips for getting connected with other JLOCC members:

The basics:

  • Watch your inbox! Email updates from JLOCC are sent to all members on the 1st and the 15th of the month.
  • Check your member homepage regularly – Log in to the JLOCC website at least weekly, and check the calendar. You’ll get the jump on newly-posted volunteer shifts before they end up in the all-member emails.
  • Fill out or update your member profile – Upload a current photo of yourself and make sure your contact information is up to date so your fellow committee members and new friends from meetings or social events can easily find and connect with you.
  • Find your membership advisor – Look at your member profile on the JLOCC website to find the name of your advisor for this League year. Contact your advisor anytime you have questions or concerns about PDI or other membership obligations, or if you just want a partner in crime to attend a meeting or social event with you.

Be proactive!

  • Join the “JLOCC Connections” group on Facebook. This is a private group only for JLOCC members to share and request information from one another. Stay in tune with day to day updates about what the various committees are doing, ask other members for local recommendations, or find out about activities others are planning. To get in on the fun, search on Facebook for the “JLOCC Connections” group and request to join.
  • Introduce yourself to the women volunteering around you. Even for those introverts among us, take a deep breath, and go for it! Ask about others’ committee placements (everyone has one!), their favorite things about JLOCC, etc. Odds are, there’s someone else who doesn’t know anyone (or, perhaps the person across the table from you is thinking you look familiar and is racking her brain for your name, too)!
  • Don’t skip the social events! – Watch for a varied lineup of League Life events this year to connect with members who have similar interests. Most GMMs and neighborhood meetings include 30 minutes of social time to allow you to get a drink, mingle with other members, and find a seat with friends (or make new ones).

Be patient! –You get what you put in! The more events you attend, the more familiar faces you’ll see. ☺

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